Custom Private Label Wine Box Kit

Focus Features:

  • Single bottle wine box kit
  • Perfect baking finish
  • Old treated metal hinge, handle and latch
  • Wine accessories inside box
  • Custom service acceptable


The Custom Private Label Wine Box Kit is a high-quality single-bottle wine box that boasts a perfect baking finish.

Crafted from top-notch MDF material, this wine box is made of a human-made wood that is consistent in strength and size, shapes well, takes paint and wood glue, and is dimensionally stable, ensuring that the wine box is of superior quality and durability.

We’ve painted the interior and exterior of the box red to safeguard the wood material’s surface and give it a luxurious appearance. The metal hinge, handle, and latch have been aged to match the aged wine inside the box.

The box interior features a satin-covered EPE foam insert that can securely hold the wine bottle and protect it from damage. Additionally, we’ve included a velvet EVA foam insert on the inside lid that can hold wine accessories, making them perfect gifts.

Custom service:

  1. We can put custom private label on the wine box;
  2. Colors of the painting can be customized;
  3. You can advise a box size, and then we customize it for you. Or inform us of your bottle size and required bottle numbers, then we finalize the wine box size;
  4. Interior inserts can also be customized;
  5. In one word: We can customize the whole wine box according to your requirements. Just let us know your ideas.

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