What Is Custom Retail Packaging?

Retail packaging, also known as inner packaging or small packaging, is in direct contact with products and is what consumers or users see when the products are displayed in retail outlets. To meet the multi-level consumption requirements and adapt to the competitive commodity market, there is a constant demand for improved and innovative custom retail packaging.

This demand is not only for the sale of packaging but also for the overall development and improvement of the packaging industry. Without separate professional development and innovation in the packaging industry, retail packaging may become stagnant.

To address this demand, four key features have been established for effective retail packaging in the market:

  1. Easy display on a shelf
  2. Easy identification of products within packaging
  3. Easy to carry and use
  4. Conducive to increasing sales

By incorporating these features into the design of retail packaging, manufacturers can ensure that their products stand out on the shelves, are easily recognizable, convenient to use, and ultimately help to increase sales.

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Why Custom Retail Packaging Meet The Market’s Requirements And Consumer’s Psychological?

From our mind, we think they came from the below reasons:

  • Seeking for convenience psychological

Customers go shopping for convenient, such as transparent or open-window retail packaging can be easily selected; modular packaging gift packaging boxes can be easy to use; gable top packaging easy to be carried, etc., they are good for adding the attractiveness of products. There is a “barrier-free” packaging in the USA, such as contact identification package with jagged logo to distinguish the type of detergent; in the canned food set “cover the middle of the depression to prove that the shelf life of the self-identification mark” and so on, the original aim is to cater to the elderly and the disabled, and the results won the widespread consumer favorite, so your custom retail packaging should consider “seeking for convenience psychological.

  • Be Honest

Products, including retail packaging and printing design, must be able to meet the core needs of consumers- the real value. In all age groups, elderly people are the most emphasis on simple and real. Still, now a wide variety of elderly health supplements are generally “packaging form greater than the content” of excessive packaging. Even if these products can attract occasional gifts to buy, it is difficult to win the loyalty of consumers, the lack of long-term development momentum.

  • Seeking beauty psychology

The packaging design of the product is the crystallization of the decorative arts. Exquisite packaging can arouse the high level of social needs of consumers, deep art charm of the packaging is a beautiful thing to enjoy the buyer, is to promote the potential consumers become significant consumers, into a long-term, habits Type of consumer driving force. In general, the world-famous wines, their packaging is exquisite. From the bottle to the box is glowing artistic glory — this is one of the most elegant and most successful packaging promotions.

  • Interesting

If your packaging is interesting, the customer may think they obtain two things together, and one is the product they need, another is the unique packaging they got! Children and young guys are interested in unique packaging.

What Idea Should You Get Prepared For Your Own Custom Retail Packaging Design?

  • To protect the products, to extend the storage life of the products.
  • Can facilitate the use of consumers.
  • Unique personality and attraction.
  • Compliance with the laws of the seller.
  • The cost economy is reasonable.
  • Reduce or not cause environmental pollution.
  • White cardboard / corrugated fiberboard is the main material for customized retail packaging material.

Packaging Mark Design Guidance of Custom Retail Packaging

The picture of the packaging
Sales of packaging images to be beautiful and generous, rich artistic appeal, and highlight the characteristics of goods, patterns and colors should be adapted to the national customs and hobbies, in the design of the screen, it should be good to facilitate the expansion.
Text description
Custom retail packaging should be contain the necessary information, such as trademarks, name, origin, quantity, specifications, composition, use and use of methods such as text to be closely linked with the screen, set off each other, complement each other to promote and promote Purpose, the use of the text must be concise, and let the sales market customers can understand, if necessary, can also use foreign language at the same time. In the use of text on the sales package or the production of labels, should also pay attention to the provisions of the country’s label management conditions.
The barcode on the custom retail packaging is a group with several black and white and the thickness of the interval between the parallel stripes, which is the use of optical scanning reading equipment for computer input data specific code language. At present, many countries in the world use bar-codes on merchandise. As long as the bar code at the photoelectric scanner, the computer can automatically identify the bar code, as long as the bar code at the photoelectric scanner, the computer can automatically identify the bar code information, determine the name, variety, quantity, date of manufacture, manufacturer, origin and so on, and accordingly in the database query its unit price, the purchase price calculation, play the purchase list, which effectively improves the efficiency and accuracy, but also the customer, at present, many countries are using bar code technology automatic bar Scanning, such as goods without a bar code, even the famous merchandise, can not enter the supermarket and can only be used as low-grade goods into cheap stores.

Different Styles of Custom Retail Packaging

Wherever you go in a city, you would see lots of custom retail packaging around, and they are custom corrugated boxes, custom shopping bags, custom display boxes, custom cardboard tubes packaging, and so on. It depends on your products, then decides which packaging to take, and how to print it. Below are some pictures showing the excellent work!

custom food retail packaging boxes retail packaging boxes

custom food retail packaging boxes retail packaging boxes

custom paperboard retail boxes for bottle

custom postage retail packaging boxes

custom retail packaging shelf ready packaging boxes

custom retail sales shopping bags

retail display bin and custom take away retail boxes