Custom Rigid Candle Packaging Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Black Specialty paperboard, inside and outside laminated.
  • White ink text printing
  • Top and bottom structure, fully covered.
  • Optional inserts available
  • Cube shape, natural to be packed into master carton before shipping out.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Cubic Rigid Box Fit For Candle

Did you notice that over 60% of candle packaging boxes are cube shape? The reason is that candles are round; it has the same width and depth. The candle is always weak, need to be well packed. Especially art candles, no damage to the candle body is the best, so the box needs to perfect fit candles, and it’s better to make a lid full cover base to ensure the best protection.

Furthermore, working with Shanghai BPS, you can enjoy the “one-stop purchasing” service. It means you can get a packaging solution, except a rigid box, there are inserts, wrappers, printed items, and even packing products service. These custom rigid candle packaging boxes are well packed and ship to customer’s different distributors. With Deliver to door service, you just need to wait in the office and wait for the products to knock your door.

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