Custom Rigid Collapsible Matte Black Magnetic Closure Box

Focus Features:

  • Shiny gold foil stamping
  • Collapsible
  • Matte black specialty paper
  • Fully customizable


We made a box for an Olympic Champion who won the 2018 Olympic Champion 2-man Bobsled. This magnetic closure box has a black exterior and interior, with a Champion Medal Pattern printed on the outside, treated with gold foil stamping. The inside lid features some words also stamped in gold. The black and gold combination is perfect and outstanding, and the gold shining gives customers a luxurious feeling. It is truly a champion box. We can also hot stamp minimal text that can be easily cleared. The Olympic Champion customer said, “I also want to say, people love the way the box looks, the feel, presentation, all of it.”

The matte black magnetic closure box has six magnets with metal plates glued inside the flap. The front flap closure has two magnets to close the box lid. The inside flap back has four magnets, preventing the top lid from flipping backward to the floor. The inside flap back can also be glued with double-sided adhesive on the four corners of the box, allowing it to be fixed when needed. If you want to add a small ribbon to pull the flap, you can select the color you want.

The collapsible style can be flat packed when shipping, saving much shipping cost. And when storing the box, it can save space for you. Of course, the cost of making this box is higher than other styles, but considering the lower shipping cost, the total cost is almost the same.