Custom Rigid Cosmetic Cardboard Gift Box

Focus Features:

  • Top and bottom box style, rigid neck box style with an exposed shoulder.
  • Gold specialty paper lining
  • White EVA foam insert for cosmetic product bottles
  • Shrink-wrapped for the single box before shipping
  • MOQ from 500 pieces
Let’s Customize It Now!


Custom Rigid Cosmetic Cardboard Gift Box, it is Top and Bottom Box type, Triple wall top and bottom box, solid to protect your products well. White paperboard coat on 2mm thick duplex cardboard, custom printing with matte lamination, custom EVA insert as your size. Gold edge print makes the elegant box feeling, and Our MOQ is 500 piece for this type of box, turnaround time is 7days for sample, 10days for production. Packing Method is a kraft paper box.

Useful Information