Custom Rigid Drawer Box For Desserts

Focus Features:

  • Slide Drawer Box, open in the right direction.
  • Ribbon Pull out, brown color
  • Single Packing in a poly bag and inside five layers corrugated carton


This is a drawer-style rigid box that comes in a chocolate color with yellow. It is specifically designed to match the color of desserts. The box is printed using CMYK outside and inside. The company logo is printed in the middle of the sleeve, while the desert pattern is printed on the inside bottom. The surface of the box is coated with matte lamination, giving it an elegant and refined look.

The material used to make the box is a 1200gsm greyboard laminated with 157gsm art paper. The box is opened by sliding the inside drawer out from one side of the sleeve, and a ribbon pull is attached to the drawer. This makes it easy for customers to open the box. The ribbon pull comes in a brown color that complements the box color. If you want to customize the ribbon to match the color of the box, you will need to pay extra money.

The inside of the box can be customized with different types of inserts. For example, a blister tray can be used to hold the desserts. If you have specific size requirements, you can provide the size information, and a customized sample can be created to ensure that the tray fits perfectly in the box.

When you order this custom rigid drawer box, it will come packaged in a single polybag and then placed inside five layers of corrugated carton for extra protection during shipping. The box can be shipped worldwide. If you only require a small quantity and are not in a hurry, we offer a cheaper shipping method known as short-sea shipping. This method includes taxes and customs clearance, and the package will be shipped directly to your door address.