Custom Rigid Gift Box For Exhibition Show

Focus Features:

  • Red bottom, white top with same red printing.
  • Full-covered lid, more durable than partially covered.
  • 2mm thick duplex board, wrapped with an art paper.
  • Small MOQ to start with
  • Free design
  • Free mockup


Custom Rigid Gift Box For Exhibition Show, in a top and bottom box style, is printed with offset CMYK on both sides and features a matte lamination. It is constructed with 2mm-thick grey board coated with 157g art paper material, and is ideal for use at exhibitions or for toys and other items. Our MOQ is 500 pieces, with a sample turnaround time of 7 days and a production time of 10 days. The packing method is a five-layer corrugated paper box.

This box style is also widely used for packaging electronic devices, cameras, watches, gift cards, and more.