Custom Rigid Slide Drawer Box For Sculptural Candles

Focus Features:

  • Drawer box with interior printing
  • Pantone cream white color printing
  • Pull-out tab
  • Full recycled cardboard


The box style is a slide-out drawer box, it has a slide-out drawer with a rigid sleeve, like a drawer, so it is called a drawer box.

The material is 2mm thickness with art paper, the outside and inside all printing with a pattern, the surface treatment with matte lamination, added small ribbon to pull out the drawer.

When customers open the box inside printing the warning label text, they will see the warning.

The box used for candles, Australia’s premier wax works studio customized the rigid box for their modern homewares sculptural candles.


The external size of the finished product is 18.5cm x 12.5cm x 8.5cm.

The sleeve and drawer printing two different Pantone Colour, cream sleeve with orange, red drawer, and the color match look elegant and beautiful.

We custom white ribbon to match the box color, and grosgrain material increased the friction of pulling.

Our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces for each design. If you have several designs, we can deal with 300 pieces for each design.

We are packing the boxes in five layers cartons, then wrapping film on the pallets. It is very safe to protect the goods.