Custom Shirt Boxes

What Kind of Custom Shirt Boxes Are You Sourcing?

If you are looking for custom packaging boxes for your shirts or garments, we recommend choosing rigid boxes. There are several reasons why this is a great option:

  1. Rigid boxes can be shaped beautifully and are more aesthetically pleasing.
  2. The solid cardboard material of the box ensures that your shirts and apparels will be free from any damage during shipping or handling.
  3. Multiple printing finishes can be applied to the box surface, which adds value to your product and enhances its visual appeal.
  4. With the help of our team at Shanghai Box Packing Solution, you will have several options to choose from, whether you need to save on shipping costs, make the box easy to set up, or achieve better pricing.

We also offer fully customized box development services. From your initial concept to the final physical sample, we have a design team that can provide inspiration and the latest design trends. If you have a sample of what you are looking for, please send it to us so we can better understand your packaging needs.

Showcase of Some Custom Shirt Boxes

We will attach some customer case studies below. All of them can be redesigned with your logo or used as inspiration for your own box packaging designs.

Corrugated Mailer Box For Shirts

Apart from rigid cardboard shirt boxes, we can also make them to corrugated cardboard material, which is low-cost, suitable for shipping. please check corrugated box album and folding box album, moreover, we have packaging solution for shirts, apparel, and clothes.

The mailer boxes, we suggest use a single wall E flute corrugated cardboard, which is very good to be used a E-commerce box. Flexible printing options of them, and double sided printing acceptable. Contact us to be the first one today for them!