Custom Take Away Retail Six Pack Wine Box

Focus Features:

  • Eco-friendly FSC certificated wood material
  • Fine polished and painted
  • Decorated with galvanized nails
  • Durable handle, easy to take away


Custom Take Away Retail Six-Pack Wine Box is a crate-style wine box that comes with an FSC certificate, ensuring that the wood material is from a sustainable source. The crate undergoes fine polishing and is then painted with eco-friendly varnish, which gives the box a warm color and a smooth surface that protects it from abrasion.

To make the wine box sturdy and durable, we reinforce it with galvanized nails. The large-headed nails also add a decorative touch to the box, making it more attractive. This ensures that the wine bottles remain secure during transit or while carrying them.

Inside the box, there are removable panels with cut-out holes designed to hold the wine bottles securely. To add extra protection and decoration, we sometimes include raffia paper in the box.

Customer Service:

  1. Box size: This is a six-pack wine box. We can also customize your size box based on the dimension of your wine bottles;
  2. Logo, text & color: We can print your logo and required text on the box. And box color can also be customized;
  3. Handle: The rope handle make this wine box portable. However, if you like the handle in leather, metal or plastic, please inform us, we can customize for you.
  4. If you have any special requirements, please also feel free to let us know. We will try our best to make it for you.