Custom Tennis Board Game Box

Focus Features:

  • CMYK customized printing per customer’s artwork.
  • Glossy lamination film applied to the box.
  • Top & bottom structure, lift-off lid.
  • Interior white color, improve the beauty of the game box.
  • Big space in the box to pack tennis board game parts

Tennis Board Game Box Set

This box is a part of the tennis board game box set, being packed into Solid Table Game Sets Packaging Box. There another yellow color printed box, two boxes into one bigger carton. The tennis board game contains corrugated cardboard “Great Wall” and several plastic mold soldiers. Since there are around ten parts, we need to pack into this box, so the size is the crucially important process. We firstly produced remain parts, and put them together, measure the size, create a template, ask the customer to fulfill artwork. Finally, we made a perfect fitting board game box. Rigid and beautiful.

What’s More We Can Do For You

We are delighted to collaborate with our customers to develop custom packaging sets. Although it can be a complex process at times, we are committed to providing the best service possible. In addition to rigid boxes, we offer corrugated cardboard pads, printed manuals, booklets, custom printed scoreboards, and single mailer boxes for your online business. By choosing to work with us, you can benefit from reduced sourcing time, lower setup costs, less risk of unsuitable packaging, and lower shipping costs.

At Shanghai BPS, we strive to provide you with peace of mind and excellent results. If you are interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to contact us for professional support.