Custom Three Piece Hinged Neck Rigid Box For CBD

Focus Features:

  • Hinged neck structure
  • Custom cut-out cardboard insert
  • Matte coating
Let’s Customize It Now!


We made the rigid box for CBD for New Zealand pharmaceuticals company, and they made prescription medicine. The box is a three-piece lift-off lid box structure.

The lid is not in contact with the base, and it has an exposed neck shoulder. The outside is white with printing LOGO and details information. The logo Auxilio on the lid is embossing. The inside is wrapped with blue paper, including the neck shoulder to match the outside color.

The inside surface treats with lamination to prevent the oil. Because my customer used for put the syringe and bottle, the syringe will be put back into the box after use, and the oil may drop from it to the bottom of the box.

The inserts have two parts and one is for the bottle to stay on it, another is for a syringe to put in. We use rigid material to make the insert, and it will be stable enough not to collapse under the weight of the bottle.

The syringe inserts die-cut a circle hole to hold the syringe. The insert is white no printing,


The box has two specifications and one is for a 30ml bottle, one is for a 10ml bottle. So the box is the same with two different inserts, and the syringe insert is the same, just the bottle stay platform.

The box is hand-made, the production time needs 10 to 15 days.

We pack the boxes into five layers of corrugated cartons, and if the quantity is large, we will packing the carton on the pallets with wrapping film.

Useful Information