Custom Trigger Sprayer Packaging Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Two pieces drawer box style with pull-out tab
  • High-density EVA foam to protect Trigger Sprayer
  • Full color printed with matt plastic lamination.
  • Different options available for your company
  • Recycled cardboard material

What Size of Trigger Sprayer Can Be Put In This Box?

The answer is that we can create any size of custom rigid boxes based on your request. However, as a reference, we are providing some standard trigger sprayer sizes below:

  1. 32 oz with a 28 mm diameter opening and a 28-400 neck finish
  2. 36 oz
  3. 8 oz
  4. 16 oz
  5. 3.5 oz

If you have the size information for your trigger sprayer or a 2D design file, we can create a foam box that will perfectly fit your product!

More Options For This Box Insert

Custom packaging boxes for trigger sprayers can feature EPE foam inserts as a cost-effective alternative to EVA foam. EPE foam can be cut into various shapes, though it doesn’t allow for changes to the inside structure. Another option is a heat-formed tray made of plastic or blister material, which works well for lightweight products. However, the inside box color may need to be adjusted as customers can see the bottom of the box through the transparent or white plastic material.

Would you like to explore more options? Simply fill out the contact form, and one of our experienced sales representatives will be in touch with you shortly.