Custom Wine Gift Box with Handle

Focus Features:

  • Upscale leatherette exterior wine gift box
  • Premium carry handle
  • Velvet interior and cut-out EVA foam insert
  • Custom service available
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 piece


Custom Wine Gift Box with Handle, it’s a luxury gift box for two bottles of wine.

The material of the main body 3mm thickness rigid cardboard
Exterior material High-quality leatherette, perfect stitching joint
Wine box closure Metal hinge and metal latch galvanized to anti-oxidation
Interior wine holder Black velvet, cut-out EVA foam insert
Handle Premium leather handle
Wine accessories Bottle opener, corkscrew, decanter, wine stopper, drip ring, etc..
MOQ 300 pcs. The more quantity, the lower the unit price.
Delivery time 15-20 days

================================How to Start A Wine Gift Box Order ==============================

<< Custom Wine Gift Box Style>>

There are various styles / formats of wine gift boxes, and the most commonly used are below four styles:

  1. Hinged lid wine box: this is a very durable box style, usually for high-end wine box;
  2. Magnetic closure wine box: it’s a prevalent gift box style, made of 100% paper, Eco-friendly;
  3. Collapsible wine box: this box style can be flat packed, so that shipping volume is small and save freight;
  4. Sliding lid wine box: very convenient to open, and it’s able to be a display box.

For all of these box styles, we can add a handle for easy carrying, and cut-out inserts for holding and protecting wine bottles.

Wine box styles
Hinged Lid Wine Box Magnetic Closure Wine Box Collapsible Wine Box Sliding Lid Wine Box


<< Custom Materials>>

Our wine box is usually made from four kinds of materials: natural wood, MDF(a sort of human-made forest), leatherette covered rigid cardboard, and rigid cardboard covered with coated paper. Strength grade from high to low: MDF Wine Box, Natural Wood Wine Box, Leatherette Covered Rigid Cardboard Wine, Paper Covered Rigid Cardboard Wine Box. So that we use paper covered rigid cardboard for a single pack wine gift box, and the other three materials can pack 3-6 pack wine bottles.

Wine Boxes in Different Materials
Natural Wood Wine Box MDF Wine Box Leatherette Covered Rigid Cardboard Wine Box Coated Paper Covered Rigid Cardboard Wine Box


<< Custom Printing Process>>

Custom logo, design, and message can be printed on the wine gift box. And we can offer different kinds of printing processes, such as:

  1. Offset Printing: Good to print on coated paper. Colors and images published by this process are very high-definition;
  2. Silk-Screen Printing: Able to print on plain wood, painted wood, leather, and coated paper. So that it’s suitable for all kinds of wine boxes;
  3. Hot Stamping Foil: Silver foil and gold foil are most commonly used. And it can also be applied to all types of wine boxes;
  4. Embossing/Debossing: It works well on leatherette/paper covered rigid cardboard wine box;
  5. Engraving: Simple logo and message can be engraved on natural wood or MDF wine box.
  6. Stick Label: Sometimes, metal/cloth logo, medal, or other decoration can be stuck onto the box. We usually apply this process to a wooden and leather wine box.


<< Custom Box Insert & Divider Options>>

Excellent and suitable insert & divider are essential to a wine gift box. They can hold and protect the wine bottles very well. You can choose different insert & divider option for your wine boxes. Paper insert, including virgin paper insert and corrugated paperboard insert. Foam insert including EVA foam insert, EPE foam insert, and XPE foam insert, etc. with different features and prices. And the plastic blister insert. All of them can be made in various colors.

Different insert & dividers


<< Start An Order Process>>

Place a custom packaging sample is quite simple; it can be concluded to below six steps. If you have any concerns or questions, We’re here to help however we can!

1. Price Quote >> 2. Designing >> 3. Sample >>
Tell us about your specifications with the above design guidance. We’ll quote the price based on your Quantity.
We’ll send an AI-format template file with your size for you to design your artwork on it. Make a custom sample prototype with your design before place bulk order.
4. Place Order >> 5. Production >> 6. Shipping
When receiving your purchase order and we’ll send PI for deposit payment for the order. Once we receive your deposit payment, we’ll start the order production process. When production finished, the package will be shipped to you by sea, by air, or Express.

======================================= Shipping Methods =================================

1. Express Delivery by DHL, UPS, FedEx (Door to Door)

  • Advantage: Fast delivery, takes about 3~7 Days.
  • Disadvantage: Volume & weight restricted.
  • Suitable For: Collapsible wine gift boxes, or small volume wine boxes cargo.

2. Sea Transport (Port to Port)

  • Advantage: The cheapest shipping method, volume unlimited.
  • Disadvantage: Takes long shipping time can be about 15~35 days.
  • Suitable For: Big volume items and loose time order. Such as hinged lid wine boxes and wooden wine boxes.
  • Note: It takes more handling procedures than express shipping, such as customs clearance, picks up cargos, you need a customs broker agent to help you to handle such matters. Don’t worry if you don’t have a shipping forwarder agent, we can recommend one for you if needed, and we will coordinate with you with all the documents for shipping.

3. Air Transport (Airport to Airport)

  • Advantage: Faster than sea shipment, cheaper than Express.
  • Disadvantage: Expensive, need to do the customs clearance and pick up from the airport.
  • Suitable For: Rush order, urgent need cargo, and valuable cargo.

shipping method
====================================FREE MOCK UP SERVICE ===================================

The mockup is to add your artworks on a blank mockup template to see how it works on the packaging. Product Mockup service enables you to display your products on your website, manual, and magazine. Especially before your products go to market, it’s essential to know whether your target customers like the appearance of your products.

================================== OUR PARTNERS BRAND ====================================

With over ten years of manufacturing experience in the packaging industry, we have supplied numerous brands in various industries for their packaging requirements. There are famous worldwide brands, such as Mercedes Benz, Lexus, continental those in auto industries. Gucci, Levi’s, Snoopy of the apparel industry. Also, Food and beverage brands like CocaCola, Pepsi, Kinder, Ferrero Rocher, and wowbites, etc. Brands in the cosmetics industry like Beautiac, Loreal, Colgate. We also supply to Walmart for their packaging demand. Besides those famous brands, even some new brands we cooperated to grow up with them. We’d like to build a relationship with you soon!

partners of Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd.

================================= Frequently Asked Question =================================

1. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

  • For custom wine gift boxes, we have set an MOQ of 500 units or 1000 units. You can see the MOQ number set in this product’s details above. If you’re not sure, please advise our sales team in advance. We set the MOQ because there are fixed factory fees for custom packaging production. When these costs are added to the product unit price, it becomes extremely high, such as when ordering only 100pcs or 200pcs.

  • What are the fixed factory fees? For a custom printed wine box, the cutting die fees, CTP fees, and machine setup fees are all fixed regardless of your order quantity, whether it’s 100pcs or 1000pcs. These charges will cost us around 100-300USD based on your box specifications. The essential factors include the box size (large or small), color printing (single color, CMYK full color, PMS colors, or Metallic PMS colors), die-cut complexity (simple or complex), and finish (spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, laminating, and varnishing).

  • As you can see, at least around 400USD will be added regardless of your order quantity, whether small or big. This is why the unit price is exceptionally high when the order quantity is too small, such as 100pcs or 200pcs. In this case, we have to set an MOQ to offer a better price to you.

2. How long Time for my order production?

  • It always takes two weeks Max for order quantity less than 10,000 pieces. For a more significant amount or the wine, the box needs too much human-made process and has very complex specifications, and it will be longer. For rush order, we can also expedite the process and try best to meet your timeline. You can advise our sales before ordering.

3. Can I order a custom Sample before place bulk order?

  • Yes, we can make a printed or plain sample with your size, etc. specifications for approval before bulk order. The sample time for printed samples is 3-7 days for different products, and the plain example could be a couple of days faster. Custom samples cost about USD 50~100 for most box products in different specifications.

4. Could you estimate the DDU price (price with delivery cost) for my order?

  • Yes, as we have our long term cooperated shipping forwarder, can provide international door to door bulk order delivery service. Just let us know your destination or nearest seaport/airport in advance, then we can estimate the cost for you.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask our online sales.