Custom Wine Glass Display Shelf Floor Stands

Focus Features:

  • Wide size, enough room for packing wine glass.
  • White outside and interior
  • Half-round sides, detachable.
  • Collapsible box body and removable header, can be printed with different contents.
  • Recycled cardboard material, take care of environment.

Wide Range of Usage

The custom wine glass display shelf floor stands is a bespoke box project that has a wide range of usage. By changing the artwork, you can get your own wine glass floor displays. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the floor size and total display size. We can customize it to your desired size, test it with your products, and ensure that it fits perfectly before shipping it out.

The custom wine glass display shelf floor stands can be used not only for wine glass packaging but also for packaging other items such as Bluetooth speakers, luxury scarves, cameras, and more. You can choose whatever you want to package, and we will make sure that the box fits your product like a glove.

What Is The Process To Custom This Box?

Learning a box style and applying it to your packaging is not complex at all. When working with Shanghai BPS, the process is simple and easy. You can follow the steps below, and it’s as simple as a few clicks!

  1. Product specifications: You need to send us your product specifications, including the quantity you need to load on each shelf and how many shelves you want. For complicated structured products, you may need to send us real products. Don’t worry; we will send it back to you once this process is finished. We are happy to sign an NDA agreement with you regarding newly developed products.

  2. Die-line creation and mockup: We will create a die-line, which means the box structure. Once it’s approved by your side, we will send you a box mockup, which is very close to a real box in digital files.

  3. Sample & Production: After the mockup gets approved, an example will be given to you. If you don’t have any questions, let’s go to the final bulk production run.

It’s that simple! What makes it so simple is our long history of experience in the industry. Our experience has given us the ability to handle any custom box project with ease.

Feel free to contact us to start your custom wine glass display shelf floor stands project today.