Customizable Cardboard Drawer Box For Packing Dessert

Focus Features:

  • Chocolate brown color printing
  • Same color pull-out ribbon
  • Cheese color interior printing
  • A sustainable material, food-safe
  • Customizable with your beand


Customizable Cardboard Drawer Box For Packing Dessert, this gift box is made of food-grade cardboard material, you can directly put food in the box. If your food is greasy, a greaseproof paper pad is necessary.

This gift box is used for packaging food containing chocolate, so the outside of the carton is printed with chocolate brown, and a hot gold logo is added. The drawer part is printed in yellow, representing cheese color. Scattered dotted with chocolate chips, matching the box sleeve.

To make it easier for customers to open the carton, we added a webbing handle to the drawer, and it is a color similar to the primary color. Through such workmanship, we make the whole box look professional, beautiful, and practical. Of course, if you need a liner inside the box, then we can provide different materials such as EVA, BLISTER, CARD, and PAPER PULP. You need to give the size of the product, and if you are not sure, you can express your product to us, we are responsible for opening the mold.

The MOQ of this food box is 500, and the delivery time is ten days. Before mass production, we can provide samples and 3D renderings for your confirmation. You can customize the size, color, and structure of this gift box. If you need to get a quotation, then please write us an email!