Customizable Medal On Wine Box Kit

Focus Features:

  • Premium patterned leather wine box kit
  • Durable leather handle
  • Customizable metal medal
  • Velvet EVA insert
  • Door to door service available


Customizable Medal on Wine Box Kit is a premium wine box kit for classical wine packaging. It is made from AAA grade chipboard that is 3mm thick, and the surface is covered with patterned leather, which makes this box kit elegant and high-end. We make the logo on a metal medal and firmly stick it onto the box.

The lid of the box has image and text printed on it, while the bottom is divided into two components by velvet EVA foam insert so that two wine bottles can be packed and protected very well. In the middle of the insert, we also cut out some holes to fit wine accessories.

This wine box kit is perfect for gifting wine on special occasions like weddings or anniversaries. You can customize the color and design of the leather cover, and we will make sure that the metal medal matches the design. You can also choose to add more wine accessories to the box, and we will make sure that they fit perfectly in the cut-out holes.


Surface material Premium patterned leather
The material of the main body AAA grade 3mm chipboard
Closure Metal latch and metal hinge
Handle Durable leather handle
Interior Smooth velvet, cut-out EVA foam insert
Other Wine accessories

Custom service:

  1. The medal is customizable. Please kindly send us a vector artwork of your logo.
  2. Image and text printed exterior and interior are also customizable. We have a professional designer to help you work on it.
  3. You can also choose different leather.
  4. This wine box is for two-pack standard 750ml bottles. If you require different sizes and pack numbers, we can also customize it for you.
  5. If you don’t need wine accessories in the box or require different accessories, please kindly let us know. Then we can custom cut out the holes.
  6. Any other special requirements, please feel free to tell us. We will spare no effort to help you make it.

Contact us now! Let’s customize your own fantastic wine box kit!