Customized Book Shape Rigid Gift Box For Packing Men Perfume Bottle

Focus Features:

  • Full-over green color printing
  • Textured paperboard
  • Inside and outside printing
  • Custom cut-out EVA foam to pack perfume glass bottle
  • Customizable for printing and size
  • To fit different sized perfume bottle


Customized Book Shape Rigid Gift Box for Packing Men’s Perfume Bottle: The box is covered with special green paper both inside and outside, and the customer’s company logo is printed evenly and dispersedly on it. The special paper has a beautiful texture and provides a distinctive touch when touched. This paper is widely used in perfume packaging boxes.

We are pleased to inform you that this box has a hidden 3M magnet ring on the flip cover, which can tightly attach to the other end and ensure the box’s sealing.

The gift box opens like a book, printed vertically. On the opposite side of the top of the box is the perfume product introduction and company description, and on the other side is the perfume bottle. As with other high-end packaging boxes, we also use EVA lining to protect perfume bottles. However, we also need to add a little extra decoration to the carton to make it noticeable. As shown in the picture, we stuck a layer of white paper card at the bottom of the box. When you pick up the perfume bottle, the white color is revealed, which entirely covers the color of the gray board. The EVA was initially white, and to maintain the packaging box’s integrity, we put a layer of green paper on it. The printing content of this paper is the same as that of the carton.

The phrase “good packaging can increase the added value of the product” makes sense. We have sold perfume boxes for over ten years and have experience producing various types of boxes. If you are interested in this perfume box, please write to us. The gift box size, printed content, and other additional requirements can be customized to meet your needs. When a box with your company logo appears on the market, it will bring a more direct boost to your brand’s influence.

Our MOQ for this box is 1,000, and the more quantity you order, the lower the unit price. If you need to obtain samples before mass production, we can provide you with a custom printed carton, and the delivery time is only seven days.

Do you have any questions for us? Please feel free to contact us to obtain professional packaging consulting services!