Cardboard Invitation Boxes

Focus Features:

  • UV varnish on color printed area, high-glossy impressive appearance.
  • Printing all over the box inside and outside
  • Base with lift-off lid structure, strong to pack several invitation cards.
  • Offset printing in black color also, makes the black last longer than flexo printing.
  • Packed into single master carton, several pieces in one carton.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Make The Box Artistic Feeling

This box artwork not created by Shanghai BPS, but it is a layout by us. We feel a great honor to meet such customers, and he brings us a chance to enjoy the excellent printing work. Irregular paint and art word printing on the box outside give everyone an artistic feeling, and the inside picture makes it impressive!

This box packs several pieces of invitation cards or just call it postcards, made by us also. Marketing is so competitive that you had to make something special before you become a well-known brand. The packaging box is the first step and most important for your final sales. Now it is time for you to take some action because we have so many secret weapons ready for you. Will browse your website and products, then give you some advice, don’t hesitate to click the contact for the inquiry button, you will get instant service!

Useful Information