Customized Cardboard Lipstick Counter Displays

Focus Features:

  • Clamshell type cardboard counter displays, as a unique style eye-catching type.
  • The straight forward header of the counter display, long time using.
  • EVA laminate with paperboard, cutting holes to perfect fitting lipsticks.
  • Removable inserts can change to any advertisements you want, and then it becomes a new display.
  • Flat in shipping and assemble fast, three steps folding up process.

Design Process of Customized Cardboard Lipstick Counter Displays

In the past, lipsticks were typically packed into tuck end boxes or blister boxes, and the potential of using counter displays as a retail sales packaging was not recognized. However, one day, a customer approached us looking for something unique to improve their sales. Despite conducting extensive research on the internet, we found nothing but tuck end boxes. The customer informed us that their products were hot sellers, and they wanted to further improve their sales with better packaging. The two keywords that stood out were “hot sales” and “improve”, which inspired us to create a countertop display box style. By changing the insert to EVA coated with paperboard, the display would look fantastic. We presented our idea to the customer and created numerous mock-ups, and eventually received the order and started production. We are proud to have completed 100,000 pieces of customized cardboard lipstick counter displays in just 8 days, which is amazing, isn’t it?

Take Time To Get On Board!

Counter display box attracts potential customers grab-and-go mind. In this way, your product sales will boom up. Are you interested in customizing a similar lipstick counter display? If yes, don’t hesitate to contact us!