Customized Foldable Fabric Swatch Card Packaging Rigid Box

Focus Features:

  • Foldable box body, magnetic closure system, makes the box sturdy.
  • Stylish printing. Different kinds of logos and emoji on a box outside. It is inside printed with texts & description.
  • Thick cardboard. The sample picture is 2mm thick, but it can be 3-5mm max.
  • Matt plastic film lamination
  • Chipboard dividers, cut the room into six partitions.

Why Does It Need To Be Foldable?

A long time ago, the production capacity of rigid setup boxes was limited as they were made by hand. However, with the improvement in packaging machines’ performance, some rigid setup boxes can now be made by machines. Despite this, both manufacturers and buyers face three problems that need to be solved:

  1. The size of the box is too big when set up, and it takes up a lot of space during shipping, resulting in increased shipping costs.
  2. Upon receiving the boxes, buyers need to find storage space, whether they are a start-up or a big company.
  3. Can the boxes be shipped in small parts and joined by the buyer? The answer is no, as it requires professional work to assemble.

But how can these issues be addressed? Finally, a US manufacturer has found a solution – making the box flat and setting it up with double-sided adhesive stickers. This innovative solution has led to the emergence of “collapsible rigid boxes” or “foldable rigid boxes,” making manufacturers, buyers, and the final customers happy by reducing costs.

You Have The Idea, and We Do The Rest

You may be afraid of design a box. From the pictures, this customized foldable fabric swatch card packaging rigid box is so fancy and stylish printed. However, you can do the same. Just following our professional guidance, we are sure to make your box as you wish. Show us the idea you have, and we do the rest. Generally, it can be concluded as three steps:

  1. Confirm the size of box you want.
  2. We help you finish the artwork illustration, or we send you the die-line of the box. You finish it, or your designer finishes it.
  3. Digital mockups / Digital samples / Bulk machine samples to confirm quality.

That’s easy, right?

If you feel interested in such foldable rigid boxes, contact us to get your boxes being customized today!