Dates Packaging Box with Lift-off Lid

Focus Features:

  • Top & Bottom style, lift-off lid, both are foldable, easy to be assembled.
  • Transparent window patching, show your dates and keep it dried.
  • They are Printed outside and interior, luxury feeling.
  • Three-layer corrugated fiberboard, rob,ust and sustainable.
  • Finger hole added on two sides of the box, easy to open.
  • Stackable on shelves, dump bins, and pallet displays.

Right Packaging Box Describe The Products

As an experienced manufacturer in China, we can tell you this secret- Good packaging box describe the products. At first sight of the box, you can see these dates packaging the full side printed. From any side of the box, you can know the products through outside printing. Moreover, this indicates the products are of high quality as the high printing quality.

An excellent packaging box printing should include such features:

  1. Except you are a well-known brand, Printed images should reflect your products in detail.
  2. Suitable color select for your packaging.
  3. Think like a customer, get them activated in purchasing.
  4. If possible, enable customers to see the products directly (die-cutting, plastic window patching)
  5. Stackable for many layers while shipping and storage.

The example box Dates Packaging Box with Lift-off Lid meet such features.

Start To Customize Your Box

We are flexible in box design, also in creative packaging development. If you need a quality fruit packaging box, contact us to be the first Today!

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