Diamond Pattern Two Pack Wine Box

Focus Features:

  • Two-pack wine box
  • Diamond pattern leather surface
  • Wine accessories inside
  • Durable carrying handle
  • Custom service acceptable
  • Door to Door delivery worldwide


Diamond Pattern Two Pack Wine Box, it’s a rigid cardboard wine box with diamond pattern leather exterior.

The primary material of this wine box is a 3mm thickness rigid cardboard. It is eco-friendly, and the box made of this material is very durable. Two-pack wine can be well protected in it during transportation.

We use diamond patter leather covered exterior of the wine box, to give it a premium appearance. Custom logo can be put on the box by hot stamping, silk-screen printing, or embossing.

The interior box is covered with color specialty paper, and the two wine bottles are divided by cut-out EVA foam insert.

Each bottle bundled by the strap, very security. We also provide wine accessories inside the box as per clients’ requirements.

Custom service:

  1. Leather: Different colors and patterns can be customized for the exterior leather. We have a catalog for you to choose from.
  2. Size: This wine box is for a two-pack standard 750ml wine bottle. We can also customize your box size according to the dimension of your wine bottle.
  3. Logo & Printing: Custom logo and printing can put on the box in the different printing processes: silk-screen printing, hot foil stamping, embossing, debossing, sticking metal or fabric label, etc.
  4. Other special requirements: Please feel free to let us know the ideas of your wine box, we are happy to realize it.

Contact us now to get your wine box! Door-to-Door service is available.