Diamond Pattern Two Pack Wine Box

Focus Features:

  • Two-pack wine box
  • Diamond pattern leather surface
  • Wine accessories inside
  • Durable carrying handle
  • Custom service acceptable
  • Door to Door delivery worldwide


The Diamond Pattern Two Pack Wine Box is a rigid cardboard wine box with a diamond pattern leather exterior.

The primary material used in making this wine box is 3mm thick rigid cardboard. This eco-friendly material ensures that the box is durable and can protect two wine bottles during transportation.

The exterior of the wine box is covered with diamond pattern leather, which gives it a premium appearance. Custom logos can be added to the box through hot stamping, silk-screen printing, or embossing.

The interior of the box is covered with colored specialty paper, and the two wine bottles are separated by a cut-out EVA foam insert. Each bottle is bundled with a strap for added security. Wine accessories can also be included inside the box according to the client’s requirements.

Custom service:

  1. Leather: Different colors and patterns can be customized for the exterior leather. We have a catalog for you to choose from.
  2. Size: This wine box is for a two-pack standard 750ml wine bottle. We can also customize your box size according to the dimension of your wine bottle.
  3. Logo & Printing: Custom logo and printing can put on the box in the different printing processes: silk-screen printing, hot foil stamping, embossing, debossing, sticking metal or fabric label, etc.
  4. Other special requirements: Please feel free to let us know the ideas of your wine box, we are happy to realize it.

Contact us now to get your wine box! Door-to-Door service is available.