Different Type Print Custom Product Boxes For Retail

Focus Features:

  • Same box size with different cardboard material
  • Custom printed
  • Tuck end box style

Description Of Custom Product Boxes For Retail

We made the box for mouthwashes, and our client is committed to protecting the environment and improving dental care for children worldwide.

They made the packing box for the highest quality natural ingredients mouthwashes, so the box is 100% recycled. W

e made five types of material for the box, and they are special paper with shiny varnish, white Kraft paper, brown Kraft paper, sliver paper board, and ivory board. The box structure is tuck end style.

Two sides of Custom Product Boxes For Retail are the same closure style, which is only on an over flap to close the box. We use environmental printing ink on the outside, and the material is rigid to protect the product inside.

The top and bottom panels are close-fitting, the edges are sharp, we have made the folded line on the box, it will be easy to packing.


Customers can use the box for packing handmade items and small gifts packaging, bath bomb, small bottles, etc. They are shipped in flat packed, easy foldup.

We customized for the client, and our minimum order quantity for the box is 500 pieces each size.

If you do not need printing, we also have a stock box you can choose from, a kraft and white option, 50 pieces per lot.

Sizes of Custom Product Boxes For Retail

Sizes of Custom Product Boxes For Retail