Display Box

What is display box

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a China leading Display boxes supplier. Display box, with same meaning as display shelf, PDQ, paper display stand and corrugated displays. They are a rather popular stuff which is widely used in supermarket. With nice printing and strong body, more and more suppliers would like apply them to show their products, it would give much help on products promotion. Display Boxes are one of the useful packaging boxes to display any of your products directly to the customer.

These boxes are the best idea to showcase your product in an associated style. Most people like them because these boxes look decent and impressive to display different goods. The trade shows, super markets malls, shops of every kind have these boxes, as they are very useful to exhibit their products.

From our experience, we have offer customer with display boxes for cosmetic products, tyre, food, beverage, electronic products, game kits, bottle, and gift box. We produce the extensive variety in display boxes to our customers with customized sizes, designs and styles. We always try to give best quality display boxes to our clients.

Display box category

1. Small counter display box

This display without special structure design, original function of display, small and smart. It is good for retail sales.

Simple Counter display box

Small counter display box

Unique shape of AD head, makes the display stand eye-catching.

Counter display with divider

Counter display box with divider

2 partition display counter box, white body with printed head and front.

Two-floor display counter box

Two floor display counter

Strong body, add foam fabric into the structure, the display counter will be very solid

2. High display stands box with floor

The display stand box with floor, always have 2-7 layers, suitable for products with wide range to be displayed, each layer with your featured products. Big size and quality feel.

Display stands with floors

Display Stand with floors

Elegant designed display stand box for supermarket, size could be 1000*1000*8000mm max.

Four floors display stands box

Display Stand box with floors

Designed and produced by wine bottle real sample, to ensure the bottle can be displayed well on the floor.

Paper display stands with floors

Paper display box with floors

Light green printed display box, inside and outside with spot pigment.

3. Big display Stands with hanger/hook

Display boxes with hanger always being applied to those products which are pre-packed with hanger box, need to hang them on the box doe showing to customers. This kind box is a little expensive compared to small box display, but is able to load more products on it.

Display Stands with hanger

paper display box with hook

Together with hang tab box, it will be a nice solution for retail packaging.

Four floors display stands box

paper display stand with hanger

Display box for stationery, with hang couple installed into the cardboard.

Paper display stands with floors

big display boxes with hanger hook

Pink printed display stands, with reforced base, can bear heavy weight.

4. Display box with dividers/inserts

These kind of displays are always for cosmetic/food products packaging display, the display box with dividers/inserts is heavy and biggest size, installed with several parts, and printing all box body.

Display Stands with hanger

paper display stand with dividers

Triple layer corrugated fiberboard as the box material, it is high quality.

Paper display boxes with inserts

display box with divider and inserts

Bottom is a box to pack stock products, and upper is display box to display on sale products.

Paper displays with dividers

counter display box with dividers

Matt black paper material, 2 color Flexo printed AD head.

Die-cut design | Paper material | printing and printing finish | packing for display boxes

A. Die-cut design for display box

Below is some design work made by box packing solution team, we have 3 professional designers only for display boxes, it means we are experienced enough and time-abled for your special request and urgent request.
dieline of display box with dividers

B. Paper material for display box

Except the small counter box display can be applied with rigid card stock (virgin paperboard, rigid kraft paper stock), other kinds need at least single layer corrugated fiberboard, moreover need double layer corrugated fiberboard. As display box not only need to pack but also to display products inside. It always be B flute and BE flute corrugated layer to meet quality standard.

single wall B flute corrugated fiberboard for display box

Single wall B flute corrugated fiberboard for display box.

BE flute corrugated fiberboard for display box

Double wall BE flute corrugated fiberboard for display box.

C. Printing and printing finish for display box

artwork and graphics for display box

Artwork for display boxes

No matter you choose rigid paperboard or corrugated fiberboard for your display box, they can be printed by flexo printing or offset printing method. But we do strongly suggest offset printing as it add value to your products and give you eye-catching feeling. For the printing finish, we always for full size glossy lamination or soft-touch matt lamination, some customer would do Spot UV on logo, hot foil stamping on logo. Anyway, we would listen for your good advice.

D. Packing for display box

If you select small box display, we will pack them by kraft paper with bundle, or corrugated fiberboard. But if you select other bigger size display box mode, we will pack them by single master carton. Mostly, one display box contain several parts, it is good to storage them and sort out when we pack them by single master carton.

Display box show video

As a leading China display shelf supplier, we have made several videos for our customers, please check our official site at YouTube and check more customized display boxes there.

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