Double Side Custom Printed Cardboard Mailer Box

Focus Features:

  • Double side Offset printing, glossy lamination outside, and matt lamination inside.
  • Full-over small white printing of crown as the logo.
  • Foldable box structure, flat in shipping, and transportation.
  • Bulk production packed by Kraft paper and finally on pallets.

Cardboard Material Details For This Box

This carton is designed for packing hats and printed in grey. It requires to be exceptionally sturdy as it will be shipped directly to customers worldwide. To ensure its durability, we used three layers of extra-hard corrugated cardboard and printed the interior of the box.

After three rounds of sample preparations, we resolved the issues of loose closure and misaligned printing. As a result, our customers were highly satisfied with their experience working with us.

If you require a sturdy and customizable packaging solution for your products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fully Customizable

This Custom Printed Cardboard Mailer Box can be customized to pack perfumes, wine bottles, digital devices, and any other e-commerce products. Feel free to contact us for more details.

PS: Free die-line template available for this hat packaging box. (In any size)