Double Side Printed Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Inside and outside printed with custom artwork, pink mixed with marble color.
  • Core 2mm thick duplex board laminates with printed art paper.
  • Big space for hair extension products placing.
  • A strong magnet is hidden in a flap, and it’s a related area on the box body.
  • Straight corner processing, no loose material, looks professional and tidy.

Bring Great Value To Customers Based On A High-Quality Rigid Box

We understand that the hair extension industry is a highly competitive market, where every shop owner and brand owner is trying to make their products and accessories attractive. The packaging of your product is an essential accessory that can make a significant impact on your sales. We take pride in developing such a beautiful box for our customers, and we believe that this box can increase their sales in many ways. No matter how good your product is, your customers will first be attracted to the packaging. Proper packaging can describe the product itself, and it is a magical language between you and your potential customers.

The double-sided printed hair extension packaging boxes are designed and crafted by Shanghai BPS. The whole packaging includes the logo, slogan, product introduction, and some words printed on the inside lid of the box. We suggest printing on the inside top of the box because, after the customer has put enough information about your product and brand, the next step is to open the box and check the hair extension inside. When they open the box, some well-printed words jump out, providing a delightful experience for the customer.

What’s More We Can Do For Your Hair Extension Products (Wigs)

Except for a rigid box, we can offer some more products for you, and it will enable you to keep a peaceful mind, away from sourcing from different suppliers. All is ready for you here, one-stop purchasing.
  1. Small printed bundles for a piece of hair extension.
  2. Printed Greeting card/Member card/Thank you card or other contents card.
  3. Wrapping paper, paperboard wrappers.
  4. Printed paperboard backboard for wigs/hair extension.
  5. Single master carton/mailer box for the rigid box. (Custom printing accepted)

And more.

If you feel interested in our service, feel free to contact, we will send you more information and give instant support!