Luxury Double Side Printing Cardboard Box For Liquor

Focus Features:

  • Yellow color specialty textured paper coating
  • Emboss on logo
  • Strong 3M magnetic closure
  • Partially covering of flap
  • The custom insert will protect liquor well


Luxury Double Side Printing Cardboard Box For Liquor, This is a Magnetic Closure gift box. The material is 2mm thickness greyboard with special paper, CMYK offset printing, the logo with gold foil stamping, used for wine. This type of box MOQ is 500 pieces, and turnaround time is 7days for sample, 10days for production. The packing method is five layers of cardboard made corrugated paper box.

Some people will use this box to pack wine, glass bottles, Whisky, soft-drinks, and so on, as soon as it being custom printed.