Dried Flower Tea Packaging Tube

Focus Features:

  • Separate cap on two ends, fit tightly, can be opened from both sides.
  • Stylish color printed on the tube body makes it looks impressive.
  • Two end caps can be metal printed if you wish to add some brand/logo information onto it.
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The Pros & Cons of Using Cardboard Tube Packaging

Using a cardboard tube packaging to pack dried flower tea is the right choice. But not all products are suitable for tube packaging, below are the pros & cons of it, you can check and consider if you need it.

Pros: Cardboard tube is made of thick cardboard as the primary raw material, so it is easy to recycle and treat; it has excellent protection performance, waterproof, moisture-proof, specific heat insulation effect; odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, especially suitable for food packaging;

It can fill various shapes The product has a small noise when filling; the shape is different, the outer layer can be color-printed and has a good display effect;

The quality is light, only 30% of the iron can, the circulation is easy, the use is convenient, and the price is low.

Cons: The cardboard tube is affected by the humidity of the air, and it will rise and contract, which will affect the appearance and product performance. The paper canister is relatively large in volume, is a bit high for transportation costs, and is prone to crashing during transportation.

Free Design Offer For Dried Flower Tea Packaging Tube

Working with Shanghai BPS, you will gain free service for packaging tube design. Our team will pass you a die-line template of the tube, just by telling us the position to print, and send back your idea artwork, and we will do the rest illustration. Finally, send you the final artwork for approval.

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