Dried Fruits and Nuts Gift Packaging Box with Nylon Handle

Focus Features:

  • 300gsm+170gsm+200gsm, E flute, can load 30kg+ Nuts and Fruits
  • Snap bottom and tuck top style, corrugated gift box always takes this kind.
  • Golden color nylon handle
  • Full-over UV varnish on the box
  • Cardboard insert to hold products in position, not able to rock while shipping.
  • Food grade cardboard material acceptable
  • Can be delivered in flat, after folded, or even help you to pack nuts and fruits into.
Let’s Customize It Now!
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Pantone Color Printing Add Value To Your Packaging

Did you Notice the red is different from the standard red color? It’s PMS color made it, or called Pantone specialty color. This color system is different out from the CMYK color chart, and they are not a mixed color but a particularly unique color. Our customer is assigning this red color. Finally, this dried fruits and nuts gift packaging box with nylon handle is hot sale, not only their products in fresh and high quality but also the packaging support it.

Before you consider using Pantone color, you need to consider your supplier, if they can create nearly 98% real to design box, from 2 conditions:

1. Do they have PMS color management systems?
2. Are their pigments mixed by themselves or outsourced pigment? Generally, an experienced manufacturer should have its own pigment combined procedure, which can ensure it meets PMS color systems.

With Shanghai BPS, we have a begin-to-end PMS color track system and compare system, and all pigment is mixed by our workers, which have more than 20 years of experience.

Flexible Plastic Window Patching

We customize not only the size the box, but also custom size plastic window patching. Per your request, we can make the window cut in different shapes. For this dried fruits and nuts gift packaging box with nylon handle, we applied a unique shape plastic window, and this will enable a better looking of inside product jars. Do you also want to make custom-sized boxes. Just fill the contact form, and we will approach you shortly.

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