Description of duplex board

Duplex Board is a kind of paperboard or cardboard, also named grey board, due to its double side grey color. It consists of two layers, or plies, so people call it duplex board. The exterior one side of the board often being coated with a bright white appearance, to give it a glossy sheen. Coated duplex board one side with a glossy coated surface suit for superior printability.

The paperboard thickness description always is millimeter, or by gsm (grams per square meter). 1.5MM=900gsm, 2MM=1200gsm, 3MM=1800gsm

Two kinds of duplex board

Double Side Gray Board Duplex Board

Duplex board gray cardboard material

Uncoated duplex board, two sides grey color, used for rigid gift boxes.

Coated Duplex Paperboard Material

Coated duplex cardboard

Coated duplex paperboard, one side is pure white, used for luxury packaging boxes.

Different from corrugated fiberboard, coated duplex cardboard is tough and thin, more water-resistant, normally used to make boxes for a variety of small goods which require high-quality printability. Such as agarbatti boxes, pharmaceutical packaging, paper plates, cigarette packs, and various of packaging products. There’s another kind of duplex boxboard is relatively lightweight, commonly used for making match boxes, book covers, and greeting cards.

Applications of duplex board

Duplex Board For Book Cover

Duplex board for book cover

It’s a good idea to use coated duplex paperboard as the book cover page, beauty and solid.

Duplex Cardboard For Book Cover

Duplex cardboard for book cover

Two color printed duplex paperboard, printed paper book cover.

The advantage of the duplex board is rigid, durable, straight. In Box Packaging Solution team, usually, we use it to make luxury rigid gift boxes, like rigid shoe boxes, garment boxes and toys packing. Because of the outstanding paper stiffness, which is a strong support for box die-cutting process, and laminating hot stamping result. Also, it could be used for making containers to pack wine and liquors packaging. The uncoated duplex board always be wrapped with art paper and specialty paper to make rigid boxes with fantastic artwork printing.

Rigid Duplex Cardboard Shoe Boxes

Rigid duplex board shoe boxes

Telescope shape shoe packaging box, durable quality.

Rigid Duplex Cardboard Garment Packaging

Rigid duplex cardboard garment boxes

2mm duplex coated with 170gsm matt black specialty paper, with special texture onto.

Duplex paperboard is made from 100% recycled paper material, eco-friendly. In the food industry, due to hygiene reasons, the common duplex cardboard is not made from recycled paper, however, sometimes waste paper is used if the paperboard is designated for other purposes.

Duplex Board Top And Bottom Box

duplex board top and bottom box

Also called 3 pieces box, rigid shoulder box.

Duplex Board Book Shape Box

duplex board book shape box

Hinged lid rigid cardboard box, matt black outside with lamination.

Duplex Cardboard Drawer Box

duplex cardboard drawer box

30*10*5cm, with customized printing work.