Durable PU Leather Wine Box Kit

Focus Features:

  • Soft and smooth PU leather surface wine box kit
  • Elegant carrying handle
  • Different colors available
  • High-quality metal hinge and latch closure
  • Custom service acceptable


The Durable PU Leather Wine Box Kit is a high-end gift box designed for single wine bottle packaging. This kit is primarily made from thick, rigid cardboard material, which makes the box substantial and durable. To enhance its luxury appearance, we cover the cardboard with premium PU leather. We offer two colors, brown and black, and provide a catalog of other PU leather colors if you prefer.

In addition, there is a layer of sponge between the PU leather and the rigid cardboard, giving the box a soft and smooth feel. To provide convenience, we attach a high-quality leather carrying handle.

When you open the box, you’ll find it fully covered with velvet paper, and it can hold one standard 750ml wine bottle. If you need a custom size, we can make a one-pack or two-pack box for you.

Previously, the inside lid only had printed images and text. However, one of our customers requested to add wine accessories to their box, so we added a die-cut EVA foam to hold these accessories. We can also customize the wine accessories based on your preference.


Surface material Premium PU leather
The material of the main body Thick rigid cardboard, eco-friendly
Closure Metal latch and metal hinge
Handle Elegant leather handle
Interior Velvet paper, cut-out EVA foam insert on the lid
Other Wine accessories