The 8 Most Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Sustainable Packaging Boxes

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Sustainable Packaging Boxes is a kind of packaging made from green cardboard material, they are good for the environment- at least no harm to our only one planet.

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Biodegradable refers to the action of cardboard in the body through dissolution, enzymolysis, and cell phagocytosis. It is continuously excreted from the body during the process of tissue ingrowth. The repaired tissue completely replaces the implanted material, and the cardboard material does not remain in the body. The cardboard material should not include any Heavy metal. Or it will affect recycle for cardboard.
Also known as a nuisance-free packaging box, it refers to the use of packaging materials and products that are pollution-free and conducive to recycling. The sustainable packaging box contains two meanings. One is to facilitate the packaging of natural resources, and the other is to minimize the loss to the ecological environment. Sustainable packaging box has both economic and social benefits. With the progress of technology, the demand for sustainable packaging is also increasing. Still, it can be attributed to the gradual minimization of the total cost of the packaging life cycle.

Sustainable packaging has become the only choice for the sustainable development of the packaging industry. The main reasons are: 1) Sustainable packaging complies with the needs of international environmental protection trends; 2) Sustainable is a requirement of WTO and related trade agreements; 3) Sustainable packaging is bypassing new One of the essential ways of trade barriers is; 4) Sustainable packaging is one of the dominant means of international marketing; 5) Sustainable packaging conforms to the country?s policy requirements. It is conducive to national industrial policy adjustment.

The sustainable development of packaging cannot be separated from the support of sustainable packaging, while the continuous innovation of sustainable packaging is the source of sustainable development of packaging. The prospects for the future development of sustainable packaging are bright, and packaging innovation has become a critical point in the development of the industry.

In recent years, with the steady development of the domestic economy, the overall production and sales volume of China?s ink industry has gradually increased, and it is characterized by environmental protection. According to the ink association?s relevant data, the annual output of ink in China has grown from about 100,000 tons in 1995 to 697,000 tons in 2017, and the average yearly growth rate has remained above 10%.
The domestic environmental ink industry has the following characteristics:

  1. Relative to the foreign environmental ink industry, China?s environmental protection ink industry started relatively late and is currently at a preliminary stage of development. The industry?s production concentration is low.
  2. At present, there are relatively few kinds of environmental protection ink products in China, and the environmental protection of ink produced is not strong. Even some products cannot meet relevant standards. Also, an insufficient supply of high-quality inks has caused the market demand not to be fully satisfied.
  3. The level of technology is relatively low. The technological innovation capacity of the domestic environmental ink industry is not strong enough compared to developed countries in Europe and the United States. The level of technology is relatively low, and there is room for improvement.
  4. No many factories care about the importance of Sustainable Packaging Boxes.

The total amount of packaging used ?2017 is about 8.6 billion. The number of ?direct use? cartons in the express delivery industry was approximately 3.7 billion, accounting for 43%. The remaining 57% are self-provided packages for e-commerce platforms and sellers. Only 30% of them are Sustainable Packaging Boxes.

In 2017, Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd produced 20 Million packaging boxes to customers. 90 % percent of them are cardboard material, which made from eco-friendly and Biodegradable cardboard material. We suggest our industry manufacturers buy that material. There is only one Planet so far, if we don?t take any action now, it will be too late when we found our Planet not suitable for living. What we do as below:

  1. Suggest customer take oil-based varnish instead of plastic film lamination after printing, plastic hard to break down into the earth.
  2. Make our pigment and oil water-based instead of metal-based, the former one can be broken down into the water.
  3. Suggest our customer avoid over-packing for their products, choosing one simple rigid cardboard to go with.
  4. Print Green logo and recycled signal on back of boxes. (get customers? approving before action)
Eco Friendly Biodegradable Sustainable Packaging Boxes

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Customer Case of Sustainable Packaging Boxes

Below are some customized packaging boxes made from eco-friendly and sustainable cardboard material, they have no different from those harmful packagings, but our Planet loves it!

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