ECO Fan Custom Kraft Tube With Die Cut Foam Insert

Focus Features:

  • Solid Kraft paperboard
  • EPE foam insert
  • Flocked velvet lamination
  • Large size in diameter
  • Custom printed

Description Of Kraft Tube With Die Cut Foam Insert

This tube is made of 2mm thick grey board wrapped in eco-friendly, recycled kraft paper.

This style is the most commonly seen paper tube in the market, consisting of three parts: the top lid, the tube bottom part with two walls, and the inner neck, which is a longer tube wall glued inside the outer base to form the tube body.

The outside of the Kraft Tube With Die Cut Foam Insert features two printed colors, green and black, with the neck-shoulder printed in green to match the outside. We have customized a black EPE foam insert for the product, which is glued to the inside of the tube to prevent it from pulling out when you lift off the lid.

We die-cut the foam to match your product’s shape, ensuring a perfect fit. The fan pattern is printed on the outside of the lid and bottom, and they combine to form a complete pattern when the tube is in the closed state.

The inside of the tube is plain white, without any printing, and is clean and neat.


The Kraft Tube With Die Cut Foam Insert packaging is made from 100% recycled Kraft paper raw material. It is durable cardboard with a 2mm thick indestructible wall that can resist crushing and won’t become misshapen, ensuring that your product is safely packed inside.

They are capable of protecting the goods during shipment.

For the foam insert, we can customize it according to the client’s product specifications. If you do not have a spec file, you can ship your product to us.

The top and bottom edges are round and rolled. The tube interior size is 200mm in diameter and 100mm deep.

They are supplied to Mellam Design.