Electronic Shelf Labels Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • White ink and green ink printed on original black paperboard
  • Inside EVA foam insert and card holder.
  • Magnetic closure, four pieces of strong magnet hidden in the cardboard.
  • No setup costs for such regular size rigid box
  • Packed into thick master carton together with packaging materials to protect them around.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Your Dedicated Packaging Design Expert Around You

Working with Shanghai BPS, you will get a lot of useful suggestions on how to design a rigid packaging box. We are experienced in the packaging field for years. This electronic shelf label packaging box is fully designed & craft by us. Electronic shelf labels are a new product in China, while it’s trendy in the USA. It’s a fragile product that needs much more love care while shipping.

The Process of Our Designing

So firstly, we create the EVA foam insert to fit products inside and protect them. There is also a member card (greeting card even) that need to be appropriately placed into the box. In the initial, we suppose it to be inserted into EVA. However, we found it is easy to drop off, and then we try to find elsewhere. Thanks to our designer Mr. Wang, he learned from another packaging and created this cardholder structure. Simple but useful, sticks on the back of the lid. Finally is the printing. Since customer’s logo consist of white and green, and they want the black natural, not painted black. So we decide to take black paperboard with white and green ink printing.

This electronic shelf label packaging box can be used for more device packing, for brushes, hair extension, wigs, toys, or even foods. Contact us for your project to be the first one today!

Useful Information