Energy Bar Corrugated Displays Floor Stands

Focus Features:

  • The unique shape makes more sense to eye-catching.
  • They are printed inside and outside both, all about your brand topic color.
  • Premium cardboard quality, from the picture, you will see it’s very straight because of high-quality cardboard material.
  • Perfect cutting on edge, without any loose material left behind.
  • Product obeys exporting quality rules, feel free to send them to worldwide.
  • Made from recycled material and reusable.

What Makes Our Corrugated Display Stand Out?

Our corrugated display stands out because of its unique box structure. Unlike other floor displays, it features an un-straight side style that sets it apart. Why did we choose this structure? It’s because our customers asked for something special. Since the display’s printing is for promotional purposes, we wanted the structure to reflect the product it was promoting. For example, the energy bar corrugated display floor stand is designed to pack energy bars and its box structure reflects the energy of the product.

Can It Be Customized With Other Unique Shapes?

Absolutely! We can cut the sides of the box to any shape you desire. Even the header, which is currently cubic, can be customized to be round, triangle-shaped, or any other unique shape you can think of. Work with Shanghai BPS and enjoy our free custom box process!