Caja de embalaje de máscara impresa de cartón

Funciones de enfoque:

  • Estilo de caja con extremo recto, abierta desde dos lados de la caja.
  • La caja se puede imprimir con un tema de color diferente para adaptarse a su línea de producción.
  • Si es necesario, se suministrarán cajas pequeñas interiores.
  • Material de cartón sostenible certificado FSC


Custom Printed Cardboard Gift Box for Dresses: This is a two-piece rigid cardboard box structure, consisting of a top and bottom section. It features full luxury printing all around the box, making it very attractive. The box has a matte lamination finish and a gold foiling stamped logo. This type of box is typically used for clothes, food, and other similar products. The MOQ for this box is 500 pieces, and the turnaround time is 7 days for a sample and 10 days for production. The packing method is kraft cartons, and it is flexible in different shipping options. Additionally, this box is made from HDF board, which is also known as High-Density Fiberboard. It is very solid and heavy, ensuring the safe transportation of your products.