Various Foam Inserts In Rigid Gift Boxes

Packaging boxes are customized, with all kinds of shape and color and thickness, so do the box inserts, they have diverse classes. From material, they are being sorted with EVA, EPE, XPE, and Blister. Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team is a professional and reliable rigid boxes supplier in China, we accept custom-made box inserts for the rigid cardboard box.


Great high-density foam, is short for Ethylene-vinyl acetate, is the polymer of alkene and vinyl acetate. The burden percent vinyl acetate sometimes varies from ten to four-hundredth, with the rest being alkene.

EVA insert color normally be light grey if you mind this color, Box Packing Solution team always laminate velvet/printed paper onto, make the EVA look better.

EVA foam

EVA foam.

EVA insert into the printed box

EVA insert into the printed box.

EVA foam insert packaging box

EVA foam inserts rigid packaging box.

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Medium density foam, full name Expanded Polyethylene Foam. Most popular box foam insert, widely used in box packaging and buffer material, is a molded semi-rigid, non-cross-linked and closed-cell kind of polythene foam that features a near-infinite quantity of applications attributable to the subsequent characteristics: Non-abrasive.

EPE insert color have white/black color (widely used in box), or any other color being customized.

EPE foam

EPE foam.

EPE box insert

EPE box insert.

Rigid gift box with EPE insert

Rigid gift box with EPE insert.

Colorful EPE Sheet

colorful EPE sheet

House-holding products, clean and fashion.



To against the knee, EPE YOGA sheet is soft and flexible.


Low-density foam, chemical name is Cross-linked polyethylene. It is a quite compound material with smart and freelance obdurate foramen, and smooth surface and sensible elasticity, in the meantime it’s conjointly filled with high mechanics intensity and smart heat insulation, good waterproof, well resistant to aging, to heat, to chemical corrosion and totally different environments.

XPE colors are varied, but always be white and black as EPE.

XPE foam coated with paper

XPE foam coated with paper

After lamination, the customer could not see the original color of the foam, then the box looks professional.

XPE foam insert

XPE foam insert

The customized cutting shape of the foam, it enables to make the packaging load more products.


Blister also called Thermo-formed in box inserts industry, is a producing method wherever a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, shaped to a specific shape during a mold, and cut to make a usable product.

It is rigid than EVA/EPE/XPE box inserts, and more expensive than them, however, it brings quality-better looks for the customer. Always being used for a digital device such as an earphone, small products need to be displayed, phone case, phone accessories.

black blister insert

Black blister insert.

blister packaging tray

Blister packaging tray.

egg blister packaging box

Egg blister packaging box.

PET tray

PET tray.

six pack blister tray for cake

Six pack blister tray for cake.

tool insert blister material

Tool insert blister material.

If you are not sure which one to select, please contact with box packing solution team, we would give you a nice paper box inserts solution!