Facial Spray Retail Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Specialty paperboard, inside black and outside customized color.
  • Folding paperboard can be wrapped multiple times without damage.
  • Perfect cutting on each side of the box, make the box tight fitting products.
  • Matt plastic lamination, add luxury feel to the box.
  • Made-To-Measure.
Let’s Customize It Now!

The 3 Key Point of Cosmetic Packaging Box Design

  1. Eye-catching. Cosmetic packaging must play a role in the promotion and must attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, the novel and unique shape, bright and colorful colors, beautiful and delicate patterns, and various characteristic materials can make the cosmetic packaging show a very eye-catching effect, attracting consumers’ eyes and generating keen interest.
  2. Accurate. A successful cosmetic packaging box must first accurately convey information about the content. The so-called accuracy is that the packaging design must be simple, in place, and distinct. Accurately communicating product information requires that the shape, color, and pattern of the package should not violate the consumer’s habits, to avoid misunderstanding. Figure 1 is the packaging box of Dior perfume. It is straightforward and straightforward. It displays five bottles of different shapes and fragrances in the form of physical pictures on the main side of the package, accurately and conveying the contents of the package contents while highlighting Brand LOGO, which causes consumers to purchase.
  3. Good Feelings. The packaging design must be vivid, cleverly designed, and have a personality and beauty. That is to say, the shape, color, pattern, and material of the packaging should be able to arouse the emotions that consumers love to stimulate their desire to purchase. Good packaging design itself will speak, can make the content of cosmetics come out, can reflect the characteristics of cosmetics itself to impress consumers and make consumers feel good.

Thinking On The Design of Cosmetic Packaging Box In Materials And Structure

An excellent cosmetic packaging box not only has forward-looking ideas and ideas in art design but also selects the most appropriate packaging materials (such as cardboard, plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, etc.), from the aspects of shape, color, and decoration. The expression and communication of the hearty and vivid, and make it truly have a deep brand culture and the ability to stimulate consumers’ strong desire to purchase.

Modern packaging materials develop from natural to synthetic, from original materials to composite materials, and cosmetic packaging of different materials can produce different effects. From the current application situation, the mutual penetration of materials has become a worldwide development trend. The emergence of new material will make a packaging form with a distinctive era mark, which represents a new era of cultural information, a new force in life so that the beauty of packaging culture has a sense of the times, Popularity and Popularity.

This Facial Spray Retail Packaging Box is an excellent example to prove upon theory. We can custom the box to pack your different cosmetic products or even a pen or other long items!

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