We are proud to own so many happy clients in the world, they are the motivation to let us fly longer and higher! In order to give our potential customer a better understanding of what we do and what industry we are in service, below list some customer’s case。


The Wal-Mart has a strict vendor certificates and quality control, no matter you supply packagings directly to them or to their suppliers, you should meet below qualifications

  1. the non-poison material, recycled cardboard or paper, soluble paints.
  2. call-on-duty fast delivery time.
  3. Packaging edge should be round instead of shape to avoid any damage to the child.
  4. Every box should offer quality certificate (ECT test, But test and so on)

custom walmart beauty packaging boxes
We are the supplier of Contigo group, IDL tools International, and KOHLER Group. They both supply the products to the Wal-Mart, so in the beginning, we are being “strict treated” by them. However after times trial order and delivery, we both believe each other and now their orders are stable, they feel happy for us. Mainly we supply Master carton boxes, Custom corrugated displays, custom kraft boxes and custom cardboard dividers to them. Below are some pictures of our products.

There is not hard to find packaging solution companies as custom packaging does, no matter what you need, they always give you a fast reply and solution ways, now our chinese shops are full of packagings made from them, i like the guys and the way them approach! – Louis Davis, Head of supply chain management from Contigo Asia.

The reason we cooperate with custom packaging is that they can make 180 different samples for us in a short time, which is rapid to meet my demand, i feel lucky wo meet with them. five star recommended! – Jeff Zeng, Senior purchase manager of KHOLER.

5 years time, good partner from China.


This is not the first time we cooperate with electronic device manufacturers, but the first time to supply so many kinds of color boxes to one customer. Logitech replies to us and we should offer packaging solution to them (from design, sample, manufacturing to custom packing and delivering). We have offered them corrugated display packaging solution, supermarket box solution and “excellent packing services”.

Like Joe Newman, the sourcing manager of Logitech comment on us:

Custom Packaging give us good performance, fast delivery and amazing respond time, it seems they are real 24 hours working, i should recommend Custom Packaging as your vendor by chance!

logitech package boxes


We are the exclusive packaging supplier of Kohler China, offer 250 kinds of packaging boxes to them, so Kohler is one our biggest customers. From Master carton boxes, folding cartons, big color boxes to stickers, we participate in box design and production.

Kohler custom packaging boxes

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