Flower Plants Packaging Boxes With Inserts

Focus Features:

  • White paperboard coat on 2mm thick duplex cardboard.
  • Black paperboard insert for flower plants, fix them into position.
  • Triple wall top and bottom box, which is very strong to protect your plants well.
  • Black edge printing makes the elegant box feeling, black logo printing center on top.
  • Single pack corrugated mailer boxes can be produced for your retail and B2C online sales shipping.

How To Keep The Box Strong While Pack Plants

As you know, plants contain water and breath with moisture, and this is a challenge to cardboard packaging. Cardboard packaging made from paper pulp, which will get weak if in moisture environment. It will harm your product packaging. The flowering plant packaging boxes with insert creatively laminate with plastic film inside to anti-that moisture, and the final result proves it works.

This box is being handmade since it’s multiple layers structured, don’t worry about the quality, our skilled workers can ensure you get a tight-fitting & perfect glued box, we always deliver high-quality rigid boxes to our customers.

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