Foldable Cardboard Coaching Box

Focus Features:

  • Collapsible/foldable structure
  • Magnetic closure, magnet hidden in the cardboard
  • White and black simple printing, screen printing.
  • Able to add a variety of optional printing finish. For example, hot foil stamping on top or anywhere on the box.
  • A variety of thicknesses of cardboard can be applied.
  • Big box space, pack a lot of coaching accessories.

When To Use Foldable Rigid Box?

Foldable rigid boxes may not be suitable for everyone, and there are some conditions that you should consider before choosing them. These conditions are not essential, but they can provide guidance in making the right decision:

  1. The products that you plan to pack in the box should be lightweight. The collapsible foldable rigid box structure is not as robust as a regular rigid box, and it may not provide enough protection for heavy items.

  2. If you plan to ship the box to your customer, you may need to consider using a master carton to pack it. The reason is that the foldable rigid box may not be strong enough to withstand the handling and transport during international shipping, especially if it’s not packed with other boxes.

  3. Generally, a collapsible rigid box cannot be stacked for more than seven layers. If you need to stack them higher, it may compromise the structure of the box and cause it to collapse.

Overall, the invention of foldable cardboard boxes is perfect for many businesses, as it saves a lot of shipping room and storage costs. It’s a cost-effective solution, especially for start-up businesses that do not have a big warehouse to store them.

Can The Inside Being Printed Also?

The answer is yes. The foldable box is just a unique structure, but it is the same printing way as regular boxes.

How To Set-Up A Foldable Box?

Peel off the edge adhesive stickers, which are being added by us while producing. Please note to stick corner on a related area on the box body, and then the box is the correct shape. For this foldable cardboard coaching box, it’s proper set-up, the final box looks as wished.