Foldable Cardboard Coaching Box

Focus Features:

  • Collapsible/foldable structure
  • Magnetic closure, magnet hidden in the cardboard
  • White and black simple printing, screen printing.
  • Able to add a variety of optional printing finish. For example, hot foil stamping on top or anywhere on the box.
  • A variety of thicknesses of cardboard can be applied.
  • Big box space, pack a lot of coaching accessories.
Let’s Customize It Now!

When To Use Foldable Rigid Box?

Foldable rigid boxes may not suitable for everyone, and you may consider some conditions before you take them. The conditions are not essential. However, you can get some guidance here:

  1. Products need to be lightweight. The collapsible foldable rigid box structure is not that robust and regular rigid box.
  2. If you want to ship it to your customer, you may need to consider a master carton to pack, as you know, your box may be like playing football during international shipping/express company.
  3. Generally, a collapsible rigid box not able to be stacked for more than seven layers.

Honestly, the invention of a foldable cardboard box is perfect for everyone, and it saves a lot of shipping room and storage costs to you and us. So, cost-effective is a good idea if you are a start-up business, do not have a big warehouse to store them.

Can The Inside Being Printed Also?

The answer is yes. The foldable box is just a unique structure, but it is the same printing way as regular boxes.

How To Set-Up A Foldable Box?

Peel off the edge adhesive stickers, which are being added by us while producing. Please note to stick corner on a related area on the box body, and then the box is the correct shape. For this foldable cardboard coaching box, it’s proper set-up, the final box looks as wished.

Useful Information