Foldable Paperboard Cake Box with Window

Focus Features:

  • Hinged lid box for cake, easy to open and close.
  • Foldable box structure, after folded, the box is only 2mm thick.
  • Food grade coated Kraft paperboard, and no harm directly touch with cake and bakery goods.
  • Plastic window attaching on the front top, customers can see the cake directly without opening the box.
  • All materials except plastic are recycled material.
  • Packed into cartons, 50 pieces per carton

Details About Cake Boxes

The cake is lightweight, from you can quickly get a result: The minimum weight is 2 kilos. If you order a cake without sugar paste coverage, its minimum weight can be 2-2,5 kilos depending on the filling and decorations. If it is a sugar paste covered cake, its weight can be about 3 kilos depending on your design.

This foldable paperboard cake box with a window can carry 5kg cake max. So paperboard is the best choice than the corrugated board or other material.

Some people may use the top & bottom box style as cake packaging, which is also the right choice, but it takes more than to set up this box style.

How Many Colors Can Be Printed On My Cake Box?

There are no limits for the colors, you can print as many as 20 colors ( CMYK + Pantone colors), just let us know in advance, and we will send you a small layout in advance.

Can I Have A Faster Delivery of Custom Cake Boxes?

Yes, we have three days of lead time service and ten days of delivery time service, it costs.