Food Merchandise Cardboard Display Box

Focus Features:

  • White interior, add luxury feeling to the cardboard floor stands
  • Shelf being printed with your brand and other requested images.
  • Side printing and bottom base printing available
  • Pantone color printing on floor stands is acceptable
  • Full recycled cardboard material, certifications can be offered.

Essential Investment In Custom Cardboard Floor Stand Displays

Invest in a Custom Cardboard Floor Stand Display for your food merchandise and make a lasting impression on your customers. A well-designed Point of Sale (POS) display is crucial for increasing sales and boosting brand awareness. Our display stands out with full-color UV graphics applied to a removable header and two shelves before being shipped.

Our Food Merchandise Cardboard Display Box is made with reinforced corrugated cardboard for a high-quality POS fixture. Showcase bags of organic coffee, sunscreen bottles, or premium pasta on the tiers alongside branded graphics highlighting store sales and promotions.

The lightweight construction of this dump bin makes it easy to move and ideal for displaying merchandise in any point of purchase location. This cardboard display stand combines a 4-tier product placement with personalized promoting messages to engage customers and increase retail sales. Invest in a custom cardboard floor stand display and let your products shine.