Food Merchandise Cardboard Display Box

Focus Features:

  • White interior, add luxury feeling to the cardboard floor stands
  • Shelf being printed with your brand and other requested images.
  • Side printing and bottom base printing available
  • Pantone color printing on floor stands is acceptable
  • Full recycled cardboard material, certifications can be offered.

Essential Investment In Custom Cardboard Floor Stand Displays

Create a Food Merchandise Cardboard Display Box with this rigid cardboard. Get a POS display is an essential fair you need to think about before sales happen. This stand-out promoting fixture includes full-color ultraviolet radiation graphics stickers that are applied to the removable header and a pair of shelves before being shipped.

This Food Merchandise Cardboard Display Box encompasses a strengthened corrugated build for a high-quality purpose of sale fixture. Place baggage of organic coffee, sunscreen bottles, or premium alimentary paste on the tiers aboard graphics asserting brands or store sales.

The ground standing, light-weight construction of this dump bin makes it ideal for showing off merchandise at any point of purchase location. This cardboard display stand combines 4-tier product placement with personalized promoting messages to provoke customers and boost retail sales.