Food Merchandise Custom Floor Displays

Focus Features:

  • Four tiers floor, plastic hanger on end to secure them.
  • Inside printed instead of brown, can be custom printing per your artwork.
  • Useful but straightforward box structure, one flat box body, and four floors, easy to be assembled.
  • A detachable AD header can be added onto the box.
  • E flute corrugated cardboard, load 200lbs weight products. It can be changed to more rigid material if products weight more.
  • Recycled cardboard, good for the environment.

Why Choose Foldable Custom Cardboard Floor Displays?

Custom cardboard floor displays are composed of multiple cardboard parts and are larger than regular packaging boxes. If they aren’t collapsible, shipping and storage costs would be prohibitively high. In the past, joint structures were less stable than one-piece shaped boxes, but technological improvements have made them much more durable. Cardboard can be glued with plastic hangers to provide support and stability, making them ideal for heavy products.

What Header Shapes Are Available?

We offer custom headers with no shape limits. You can share your design ideas with us, and our designers will provide a blank template for you to finalize the artwork. Please note that the width of the insert area cannot exceed the width of the cardboard display. After considering this, we will proceed to the mockup process and production.

Interested in re-designing or copying the food merchandise custom floor displays? Contact us today for free professional suggestions and be the first to get started.