Food Merchandise Custom Floor Displays

Focus Features:

  • Four tiers floor, plastic hanger on end to secure them.
  • Inside printed instead of brown, can be custom printing per your artwork.
  • Useful but straightforward box structure, one flat box body, and four floors, easy to be assembled.
  • A detachable AD header can be added onto the box.
  • E flute corrugated cardboard, load 200lbs weight products. It can be changed to more rigid material if products weight more.
  • Recycled cardboard, good for the environment.

Why Should Custom Cardboard Floor Displays Be Foldable?

Like the food merchandise custom floor stands, all other custom floor display stands are built up by several parts of cardboard. In the meanwhile, they are always bigger size than regular packaging boxes. If they are not collapsible, shipping costs and storage costs would be extremely high. Some people may think the structure will not be stable than the original one-piece shaped box because the cardboard floor stands are joint structures. It’s a truth in the past, but with industry growth and technical improvement, this issue has been solved. Cardboard can be glued with plastic hanger and hanger stuck into cardboard, and then it becomes very stable quality and durable for heavy products.

What Kind of Header Shape Available?

The answer is custom header without shape limits. You can feel free to draw a draft to show us your idea, and our designer would send you a blank template to finalize the artwork. Please note the width of the insert area can’t exceed the width of cardboard displays, or it can’t be inserted. After considering this, we will go to the mockup process and production.

Are you interested in copy/re-design the food merchandise custom floor displays? Contact us to be first today and get free professional suggestions.