Food Retail Display Counter Box

Focus Features:

  • Double-layer folded header, make it straight.
  • Fold up and assemble without glue, one piece to shape.
  • Outside printing and glossy lamination to keep the color fresh all the time.
  • Inside can be white color and other printed colors as you wish, optional choice.
  • Can change it to the stackable box structure

Flexible Structure of The Food Retail Display Counter Box

This kind of counter box (without insert) is a straightforward box structure, same as a Foldable corrugated mailer box. The box sides can be straight, round, or another custom shape. By add two holes on the bottom, this box will be stackable on shelves. Do you have an extended product range? No worries, adding custom shaped inserts into the box. Different products go into different insert cells.

Some customers also want to do big promotions in the supermarket. One single counter display is not enough, and put several boxes together seems to get in a mass. Then why not think about to pick a pallet display? Custom cardboard pallet displays are a joint-structure with multiple boxes, and a dump bin is on the bottom of the box. We can give you suggestions, just offer us enough information about your products.

How It Packs And Where Is Your Ability To Deliver Them To?

Many customers asked these questions before ordering. Now I would like to answer here again. Maybe you, yes the one before the laptop screen want to know this also:

  1. Packing: This is a foldable box, we will pack them flat for shipping, save you costs. You can select packing material from us, and the prices are varied.
  2. Shipping: We have a worldwide logistics network, deliver to the door, deliver to seaport, airport, and even by truck. Just give us notice, and we will provide you with a full proposal! For example, this food retail display counter box, we deliver them to the door in NY, the USA within 35 days by sea. If you are urgent in time, we will choose to ship by air and express it.

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