Game Playing Card Rigid Box Customized Printing

Focus Features:

  • Printing on full sides of the box, make the box more visible. Inside all red printing with black edge blooding.
  • XPE foam inserts keep the playing cards/board game cards from jump up and down.
  • Top & Bottom full covered, a shrink wrap is added after filling the cards into by us.
  • Cardboard insert cut with two holes, fit 48 cards inside.
  • Glossy plastic lamination on the box, make it water-proof, and protect printing work.
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The Most Important Parts of Board Game Packaging Box

This box is created by us totally except the artwork. The most critical and complicated part is the inserted structure design. We have had tried many different inserts, but failed to pack too many pieces of playing cards, and they are easy to get loose and separated, the customer also asked the two kind cards can’t mix while shipping. It requests a unique structure. By adding a piece a thin foam pad on the bottom box, make the card height contact with upper cardboard, then there is no room for playing cards jump up and down. By bend cardboard down, insert will fit the playing cards, then there is no room for playing card move left and right. Finally, this box is being spoken highly by our customers. After that, we apply such structure to many other customers, if you are interested in producing such cards packing box, feel free to ask a demonstration of it.

What Kind of Packaging Box Is Suitable For Shrink Wrap

As mentioned before, the game playing card rigid box customized printing is shrink-wrapped before shipping. Heat shrink wrap gives extra protection for the box, and the most important is that you can’t open it before sold out. It’s a sales unit. When to do so?

  1. You need us to pack everything finished in the box, and we shrink wrap for you, and you get it sales directly.
  2. Size limit for heat shrink wrap is 60*60*30cm, if bigger size, we had to pack them by other plastic bags.
  3. Make sure you will import the game box a full unit, not only the cardboard box after doing this. Make sure it’s suitable for you to do customs clearance in your country.

Packing inspection is welcomed while we are doing this.

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